专辑中文名: 狮子王
专辑英文名: The Lion King
艺术家: Hans Zimmer
资源格式: APE
版本: Complete Score
地区: 美国
语言: 英语
如果说 Elton John 的《生生不息》(Circle Of Life)是充满哲理的,《今夜爱意正浓》(Can You Feel The Love Tonight)是甜蜜温馨的,《迫不及待要当王》(I Just Can’t Wait To Be King)是童真恢谐的,那么我该如何描述《在这片土地上》(This Land)呢?广袤无垠?绕梁三日?我该如何描述 To Die For ?惊心动魄?荡气回肠?我又该如何形容 King Of Pride Stone?庄严肃穆?催人泪下?

Disc 1
1. Circle of Life
2. Scar
3. This Land
4. Morning Report
5. Simba and Scar (unused) / Simba and Nala
6. I Just Can’t Wait To Be King
7. Elephant Graveyard
8. Father and Son
9. Hyenas (unused)
10. Be Prepared
11. Setting the Trap
12. Stampede
13. “What Have You Done?”
14. “Kill Him”
15. A New Era – Bowling For Buzzards
16. Simba Awakens (unused)
17. Hakuna Matata
18. Zazu Sings
19. Hyenas Complain To Scar
20. Under The Stars
21. “Simba Is Alive!”
22. Hunting – Reunion
23. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
24. Argument – “You’re Mufasa’s Boy”
25. “He Lives In You”
26. Simba Returns – “This Is My Home”
27. A Diversion
28. The Battle Of Pride Rock – The Ascension – End Credits (Part I)
29. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (End Credits – Part II) – Elton John

Disc 2
30. Circle of Life (Film Version)
31. This Land (alt)
32. Be Prepared (Film Version)
33. Hakuna Matata (Film Version)
34. “Simba Is Alive!” (alt)

Instrumental Versions:
35. Circle Of Life
36. Morning Report
37. I Just Can’t Wait To Be King
38. Be Prepared
39. Hakuna Matata
40. Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Bonus Tracks:
41. Circle Of Life (Elton John)
42. I Just Can’t Wait To Be King (Elton John)
43. Busa (Concert Arr.)
44. Lea Halalela (Concert Arr.)
45. Circle of Life (Disney Channel Version)
46. The Wonderful World Of Disney Parade – Lion King
47. Circle Of Life (Elton John – remix)