Phenomena -Audiomachine原声音乐百度网盘下载 ost原声大碟原声带Soundtrack
版本: Soundtrack
发行日期: 2014
资源类型: FLAC
audiomachine’s new industry release, Phenomena, is a majestic and vibrant album, entirely composed by the maestro Paul Dinletir.
Powerful, dramatic and massive at times, melancholic and lyrical at others, Phenomena also offers inspiring and positive music and includes the beautiful “Above and Beyond”, known from fans as the opening track from audiomachine’s latest public compilation, the successful and enchanting Tree of Life.
Recorded at AIR Studios in London, Phenomena features mainly traditional orchestra and choir; ferocious drums, ethereal female voices, and heart-breaking strings are also often used.

01 Blood and Stone
02 Blood and Stone (No Choir)
03 Ice of Phoenix
04 Ice of Phoenix (No Choir)
05 Crossing Destiny
06 Crossing Destiny (No Choir)
07 Lords of Lankhmar
08 Lords of Lankhmar (No Choir)
09 Gathering of the Clans
10 Gathering of the Clans (No Choir)
11 Whispers of Wonders
12 Whispers of Wonders (No Choir)
13 Seeds of Promise
14 Seeds of Promise (No Choir)
15 Above and Beyond
16 Above and Beyond (No Choir)
17 The Last Ember
18 The Last Ember (No Choir)
19 Drakon’s Empire
20 Drakon’s Empire (No Choir)
21 Red Sorrow
22 Red Sorrow (No Solo Vocal)
23 Red Sorrow (No Solo Vocal – No Choir)
24 Legends of Destiny
25 Legends of Destiny (No Choir)
26 Fortress of Solitude
27 Fortress of Solitude (No Choir)
28 Deep Heart
29 Deep Heart (No Choir)
30 Epiphany
31 Epiphany (No Choir)
32 God of the Drow
33 God of the Drow (No Choir)
34 Journey Through the Portal
35 Journey Through the Portal (No Choir)
36 Legacy of the Lost
37 Legacy of the Lost (No Choir)