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专辑英文名:Orion 2013
版本: Score
作曲家: Two Steps From Hell
发行日期: 2013
资源类型: FLAC
Two Steps From Hell’s latest industry release is Orion, an EP of five hybrid electronic/orchestral tracks by Michal Cielecki.
Orion goes hand in hand with epic, fantasy, adventure, magic, and, above all, emotions; it is described by Michael Cielecki as “one of [his] biggest personal achievements”. Michal notes, “sometimes there are moments when we are blessed with unreal and crazy opportunities to try and push yourself to your musical limits. This was one of them.”
Orion also features cellist Deryn Cullen and female vocalist Zefora Alderman. You can discover the whole EP on the Extreme Music website. Please note that isn’t available to the public. For licensing information, you can contact Extreme Music.
Michal Cielecki is a Polish composer, known for,his work for companies such as Sonic Symphony, as well as audio demos for sample library developers including ProjectSAM, 8dio, Sonokinetic and Soundiron. Feel free to follow Michael Cielecki on Facebook, and visit his website!

01. Aeterna.flac
02. The Fire In Her Eyes.flac
03. Rain Of Light.flac
04. Rebirth.flac
05. Orion.flac
01.1. Aeterna (No Choir).flac
01.2. Aeterna (No Choir No Solo).flac
02.1. The Fire In Her Eyes (No Cello Solo).flac
03.1. Rain Of Light (Instrumental).flac
04.1. Rebirth (Instrumental).flac
04.2. Rebirth (No Solos).flac
04.3. Rebirth (No Vocals No Solos).flac
05.1. Orion (No Vocals No Choir).flac
05.2. Orion (No Solos No Choir No Vocals).flac
05.3. Orion (Short Version 1).flac
05.4. Orion (Short Version 2).flac
05.5. Orion (Instrumental Short Version 2).flac