Noah 诺亚方舟:创世之旅

专辑中文名: Noah
专辑英文名: 诺亚方舟:创世之旅
艺术家: Clint Mansell
资源格式: MP3
版本: Music from the Motion Picture
发行时间: 2014年3月24日
地区: 美国
语言: 英语
由达伦·阿伦诺夫斯基(Darren Aronofsky)编剧和导演的圣经史诗灾难片《诺亚方舟:创世之旅》即将在2014年上映,罗素·克劳,詹妮弗·康纳利,艾玛·沃特森,罗根勒曼和安东尼·霍普金斯等新老明星都将在该部影片中有精彩表现,而影片中的“主角”诺亚方舟也成为影迷们最为关注的焦点。据悉,影片中所用的“诺亚方舟”造型别致,导演阿伦诺夫斯基和制片设计马克·弗里德伯格(Mark Friedberg)希望本次诺亚方舟的设计能突破原始造型,与众不同,片中这艘方舟仅概念设计就花费了1年时间,所有的尺度都是按照《创世纪》中记载进行制造的。

01. In The Beginning,There Was Nothing
02. The World Was Filled With Violence
03. The End Of All Flesh Is Before Me
04. Sweet Savour
05. The Fallen Ones
06. For Seasons, And For Days, And Years
07. Make Thee An Ark
08. Every Creeping Thing That Creeps
09. I Will Destroy Them
10. Flesh Of My Flesh
11. The Wickedness Of Man
12. In Sorrow Thou Shalt Bring Forth Children
13. Your Eyes Shall Be Opened,And Ye Shall Be As Gods
14. The Flood Waters Were Upon The World
15. By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed
16. The Judgement Of Man
17. The Spirit Of The Creator Moved Upon The Face Of The Waters
18. Forty Days And Nights
19. What Is This That Thou Hast Done?
20. The Fear And The Dread Of You
21. And He Remembered Noah
22. Day And Night Shall Not Cease
23. Mercy Is – Patti Smith