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专辑中文名: 战神三部曲
专辑英文名: God Of War Trilogy Soundtrack
艺术家: 原声大碟
资源格式: FLAC
版本: Ultimate Trilogy Edition
发行时间: 2010年3月17日
地区: 美国
语言: 英语

Disc 1 (God of War Soundtrack)
01.The Vengeful Spartan
02.Kratos And The Sea
03.The Splendor Of Athens
04.Ares Destroys Athens
05.Mind The Cyclops
06.Athenian Battle
07.Exploring The Ruins
08.Athens Rooftops Fighting
09.Save The Oracle Challenge
10.Kratos’ Evil Past
11.The Story Of Cronos
12.Battle The Lethal Sirens
13.The Temple Of Pandora
14.Pandoran Cyclopes Attack
15.The Architect’s Mysteries
16.Zeus’ Wrath Divine
17.The Underwater World Of Poseidon
18.Minotaur Boss Battle
19.Pandora’s Box
20.Hades, God Of The Underworld
21.Duel With Ares
22.Enthroned On Mount Olympus
23.God Of War End Title

Disc 2 (God of War II Soundtrack)
01.God Of War II Main Titles
02.The Glory Of Sparta
03.The Way Of The Gods
04.Colossus Of Rhodes
05.The Bathhouse
06.Death Of Kratos
07.The End Begins
08.Typhon Mountain
09.Waking The Sleeping Giant
10.Battle For The Skies
11.Exploring The Isle
12.The Isle Of Creation
13.The Summit Of Sacrifice
14.An Audience With Cronos
15.The Barbarian King Returns
16.Bog Of Lost Souls
17.Battle In The Bog
18.Crossing The Lowlands
20.Palace Of The Fates
21.Phoenix Rising
22.Ashen Spire
24.The Battle For Olympus

Disc 3 (God of War III Soundtrack)
01.God Of War III Overture
02.Call To Arms
03.Poseidon’s Wrath
04.Revenge Falling
05.Anthem Of The Dead
06.Depths Of Hades
07.The Forge Of Hephaestus
08.Labour Of Destruction
09.The Three Judges
10.The Lost Souls
11.Duel With Hades
12.Tides Of Chaos
14.The Muse’s Song
15.Brothers Of Blood
16.Lure Of A Goddess
17.The March Of Tartarus
18.The Great Machine
19.Pandora’s Song
20.Revenge Rising
21.All For Nothing
22.Rage Of Sparta
23.In The Face Of Fear
24.End Of Vengeance