Dinosaur 13

专辑英文名: Dinosaur 13
版本: Score
发行日期: 2014
国家地区: USA
资源类型: M4A
压缩比率: 256 kbs
Everyone knows Sue, the majestic Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton that is the pride of Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History. Less known is the bizarre seven-year tale of intrigue, perfidy, double-dealing, and government intervention that resulted in the dinosaur-hunting discoverers, members of South Dakota’s Black Hills Institute, being divested of their find, cheated of recognition, and even sent to prison. Assembly of the gigantic fossil is something of a metaphor for filmmaker Miller’s meticulous reconstruction of a story that includes home movie footage of Sue’s discovery and recovery, her 1992 kidnapping by heavily armed FBI agents, a rip-roaring courtroom drama as her ownership falls into dispute, and her eventual sale at auction for a heart-stopping sum.

01. Looking at the Past (03:28)
02. Is That T. Rex? (01:35)
03. The Dig (02:27)
04. Uncovering Sue (05:20)
05. Pete’s First Find (01:37)
06. The Early Days (01:52)
07. Preparation (01:55)
08. And They Hauled Sue Away (02:50)
09. An Absolute Legal Netherworld (04:40)
10. OK, Let’s Go Protest (02:52)
11. Pete Visits Sue (01:11)
12. Custody Rulings (02:41)
13. Charge Us With Something (01:27)
14. The Plea Bargain (03:01)
15. The Trial (05:19)
16. The Verdict (01:33)
17. The Sentence (03:09)
18. Prison (03:11)
19. Pete Comes Home (01:47)
20. Badlands (04:17)