Crimson Winter

专辑英文名:Crimson Winter
作曲家:Nox Arcana
版本: Score
发行日期: 2013
国家地区: USA
资源类型: MP3
压缩比率: 320 kbs
In the frozen heart of winter, a group of researchers sets out to investigate a mysterious decline in the local wildlife population. Their journey takes them deep into the isolated mountain wilderness where they soon discover a terrifying truth and find themselves caught between two deadly foes in a centuries-old battle between vampires and hunters. As they struggle to survive, they come face to face with the vampire prince, Elric, who is haunted by his own dark past. An ancient prophecy and his own anguished heart weigh heavily upon him as the vampire lord decides the fate of those who have discovered his hidden sanctum.

01. Brotherhood of the Dragon (02:18)
02. Falcon’s Flight (02:05)
03. Echoes of the Past (02:31)
04. Into the Wilderness (01:47)
05. Broken Prince (01:37)
06. Elric (01:58)
07. Grim Discovery (02:53)
08. Mortal Love (00:48)
09. The Wolf’s Prey (04:29)
10. The Lion Rises (08:10)
11. Blood of the Elk (02:52)
12. Gift of Love (02:17)
13. Ora Pro Nobis (04:31)
14. God’s Forgotten Children (03:43)
15. In Pursuit (01:28)
16. Reflections of Sorrow (04:06)
17. Betrayal (03:18)
18. Broken Wings (02:42)
19. Crimson Winter (01:48)
20. A Great Destiny (02:15)
21. Vampires Among Us (02:39)